Commercial Pressure Exterior Cleaning

Courtyard Clean

We provide Commercial Pressure Exterior Cleaning with high pressure clean of the courtyards and car park areas to ensure we remove any diesel and oil stains. We also make sure to remove chewing gum and any other build-up of mold, dirt and grime from this area.

Canopy Clean

To eliminate any dirt, grime, and toxins, we begin by cleaning the canopy, soffit, and columns. We then pay careful attention to cleaning any grease and dirt from the fuel pumps, including diesel stains, radiator stains, chewing gum, and other residues.

Store Front Clean

To begin, we collect and remove any trash or debris from the storefront, as well as any organic matter, such as spiderwebs.
The entire storefront, including walkways, entry mats, walls, and windows, is then high-pressure cleaned.
Finally, we clean any filth and grime that has accumulated in bin areas, iceboxes, and drains. 

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